Andreas Jahn hails from Dallas, Texas. At a very young age he showed an interest in the piano. Around that time he also discovered the recording program Garageband. He began writing original songs using the built-in loops and instrument samples. At the age of 5 he started taking piano lessons. He soon outgrew the limitations of Garageband and moved on to the more professional program, Logic Express. This allowed him to grow in his song writing by creating original compositions with the occasional guest musician adding to his sound pallet.

Being home schooled allowed Andreas to explore his musical talents whenever an idea came to him. To date, he has over 600 original songs to his credit. He is pretty much a one man team, like a young mad scientist at his computer, laying down layer upon layer to create complex and interesting musical textures.

Growing up listening to The Beatles, shaped his initial songwriting. When on a roll, Andreas can kick out several new songs a week. Locked up in his home studio for hours at a time, it isn’t uncommon for him to emerge with a finished composition containing 60 or more tracks, all engineered, mixed and produced by himself. 

In 2014 he release his first official album called Beyond Slumber to the public as a digital-only download from sites like CD Baby and iTunes. Since that time he has moved up to using the professional program Logic Pro X, and has released many more albums showcasing his music under the nom de guerre, “Sympathy Wizard”, all available on BandcampAlthough Andreas has released albums on CD in the past, he now prefers making his music available as digital downloads and streaming. Plus, with the number of albums he releases in a year, it would be cost prohibitive to release each one on compact disc.

With the release of his first album at the age of 13, a local magazine featured him and his music in an article entitled Modern-Day Mozart. Around that same time, he was asked to teach digital recording at the Hot Tracks Workshop, for the Lakewood Piano Lab, where he worked with a group of kids, teaching them how to use a computer to record music. With his expertise in Logic Express, he and the kids worked together writing a song and recorded it as a group. Andreas was also recruited to write a lot of the music for the video game, PlatinumQuest, which is a new version of the Marble Blast game. Most recently, Andreas has been teaching piano at Alchemy Music in Richardson, TX, where he has two regular students.

Andreas is currently a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas. This magnet high school is known for many famous graduates, such as Nora Jones, Erykah BaduEdie Brickell, and more. Andreas is in the music conservatory as a classical and jazz pianist. He is a member of the Jazz MIDI Ensemble whose recordings have received several Down Beat Magazine awards, including an original composition by Andreas, submitted last year. This year will mark the 3rd year in a row that he has played with this popular ensemble. In his sophomore year, he was the only non-senior to get accepted into the band. He was also one of the few students to score a 5 on the AP Music Theory test.

For the past year, Andreas has been playing in several bands. He’s become the go-to-guy to be invited to sit in with local musicians looking for a good keyboard player. His shoegaze band, Budapest has played several gigs at clubs in the Dallas area and just released an EP. He’s played in a cover band, and was recently asked to play with in a jazz fusion combo. This is his 3rd year to be selected as a member of the Jazz MIDI Ensemble, while maintaining a rigorous academic schedule including three AP classes.

Andreas plans to study Studio Engineering & Production in college, specializing in masteringwith a minor in Music Business.